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by Randy Clark & Stephen Koehler
Reviewed by Brian Pankuch

Note: This article was scanned using OCR from the 1984 Winter CCCE Newsletter. Please contact us if you identify any OCR errors.

This book is about programming in UCSD Pascal. It is divided into two parts. The first 172 pages cover UCSD Pascal in detail. Included are all the usual topics plus modularity, concurrency, semaphores, memory management and much more.
The second part is a guide which includes 30 well written programs demonstrating good style. Each program is discussed in detail along with the output produced. The discussion goes beyond just the listed program to the reasons why a certain method is chosen plus auxiliary information which is helpful for more complete understanding. For the longer, more difficult programs each procedure is discussed individually, then together.
I copied into my system one of the longer programs (over four pages) that uses many of the practices of application and systems programming. After typing in the program, I was pleased to find that it seemd to work as described. After more exhaustive testing, the program, which was supposed to keep track of records in a file by listing allocated and unallocated records in the file, began mixing the two lists. This only happened for certain orders of operations. Smaller programs seemd to work fine, but you will want to be careful about using segments or programs without thorough testing.
This book forms a bridge between most of the books on the market, which introduce Pascal with very simple examples and cover part of the language, and other manuals that cover everything but have few, if any, examples. It is more of a reference book than a book to read page by page. It is a good second step after you've had an introduction to Pascal.
*Department of Chemistry
Union County College
1033 Springfield Street
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12/23/84 to 12/25/84