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Uninteruptible Power Systems for Your PC


Jim Beatty
Chemistry Department, Ripon College.

Note: This article was scanned using OCR from the Fall 1989 CCCE Newsletter. Please contact us if you identify any OCR errors.
Byte, April1989, 14(4) 162-176. If you live in fear that the power to your PC will go f)Ut and you will lose your report or important data see this article. Twelve power systems are reviewed. Costs of a system range from $600 to about $2000. I have found my battezy powered laptop a life saver during thunderstorms.
Monitor Life
The New York Times, Sunday, April 2, 1989, page F-19. Peter Lewis reviews screen dimmers for IBM compatible and Apple Macintosh computers. The screen dimmers are resident software programs which dim or blank tahe screen after a selected period of non-use. The screens are reactivated by hitting any key. I have one copy on order to prevent burn-in on a VGA monitor on an IBM compatible which is left on. An evaluation is forthcoming.
Linking Between the Mac and IBM Worlds
The New York Times, Sunday, June 19, 1989, page F-12. John Markoff offers an interesting and short review of the options in moving data from the two microcomputer worlds. The options are a mixture of software and hardware. We have used the Apple Talk option he discusses. It is low in cost and easy to use. Also see Byte, January 1989, 14( 1) 317-325. These two articles complement each other and are worth filing.
Digitizing Tablets
Byte, January 1989, 14(1) 162-174. Twenty one IBM-PC digitizing tablets are reviewed. These tablets are for those who need high quality input of graphic data.
Full Spectrum Scanners
Byte, April1989, 14(4) 189-194. Two full color scanners for the Mac and IBM worlds are evaluated. Cost is the order of$8000. This article offers a good introduction to available options in scanning.
Hand-Held Scanners
Byte, June 1989, 14(6) 187-191. Six scanners costing about $300 are evaluated. The cost is low enough that we are considering one for use in entering graphs, sketches, etc. into WordPerfect documents.
10/15/89 to 10/19/89