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1995 ChemConf: Faculty Rewards: Can We Implement the Scholarship of Teaching?

10/11/95 to 10/16/95
Arlene Russell Michael Pavelich Dept of Chemistry Dept of Chemistry UCLA Colorado School of Mines 310-825-7570 303-273-3612

Faculty Rewards: Can We Implement the Scholarship of Teaching?

An On-Line Symposium, Oct. 11 to 27, 1995

Co-sponsored by the Educational Research and Methods Division (ERM) of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and the Chemical Education Division (Chem. Ed.) of the American Chemical Society (ACS).


The main issue to discuss is whether the scholarship of teaching should become an alternative to the scholarship of discovery (research) in faculty promotion and tenure decisions in higher education. This case was argued forcefully by Ernest Boyer in the Carnegie Foundation's 1990 monograph "Scholarship Reconsidered". The issue, however, needs to be debated openly and creatively by academics themselves. We have organized this conference to do just that.

Four authors were invited to submit papers on different aspects of the issue. These papers will serve as the starting point for our e-mail discussions. Each author is well respected in higher education circles for his past contributions to the educational literature. They and their paper titles are listed below: just click on the paper title to access the paper.

  1. Richard M. Felder
    Professor of Chemical Engineering
    North Carolina State University
    "Who Should Teach in College" 
  2. Lyle D. Feisel
    Dean of Engineering
    SUNY at Binghamton.
    "Scholarship Revisited - - A Reality Check" 
  3. Michael Doyle
    Professor of Chemistry
    Trinity University, San Antonio.
    "Scholarship Reconsidered - Inherent Dangers in its Applications" 
  4. Ivan Legg
    University of Memphis
    "Integration of the Scholarship of Teaching into Faculty Roles and Rewards: Implementing a Task Force Recommendation"