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Donald Rosenthal
Department of Chemistry, Clarkson University
Potsdam NY 13699-5810

Note: This article was scanned using OCR from the Fall 1997 CCCE Newsletter. Please contact us if you identify any OCR errors.
I was somewhat skeptical when I read the opening sentences on this World Wide Website:
"My name is B. J. (Bruce, Jr.) but my friends call me Beege. I am 10 years old and live in New Brighton, Pennsylvania. My dad and I use the Internet to help with homework and to research information on the Net."
This site briefly describes and provides links to more than 380 sitesl The site is nicely organized into the following sections:
SEARCHING A TOPIC-Some Excellent Search Engines
(26 sites)
Recently, I have been accessing this section to initiate my searches.
Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Rogel's Thesaurus, Virtual Reference Desk, On Line Calculator, Scientific and other famous Quotations, Conversion Tables, Telephone Directories, Toll Free Numbers, E-mail addresses and much more
Some links to chemistry materials:
Study Web - link to Science and then to Chemistry
World Wide Web Virtual Library - link to Chemistry
Education Index (by subject) - link to Chemistry
Martindale's Reference Desk - link to Chemistry Center
Chemistry Encyclopedia
Many newspapers, magazines and other news sources
MATH AND SCIENCE (104 sites)
A host of math, biology, medical, chemistry, physics and general science sites - Of particular interest to chemists include Eric's Treasure
Trove of Chemistry, General Chemistry Glossary,
Analytical Chemistry Basics, Chemistry Tutor
Page, Chem1 01, Hyperchemistry on the Web,
General Organic and Biochemistry, BioChemNet,
Organic Chemistry and CHEMystery
Some specific links to chemistry:
Frank Potter's Science Gems- Physical Science 1
- link to Physical Science Part Ill
Eric's Treasure Trove of Chemistry
General Chemistry Glossary
Analytical Chemistry Basics
Chemistry Tutor Page
Hyperchemistry on the Web
General Organic and Biochemistry
Organic Chemistry
Maps, travel and information about countries and regions of the U. S.
ENGLISH (47 sites)
Grammar, punctuation, style, vocabulary and literature
HISTORY (44 sites)
U.S. and World History
Dictionaries, travel and language learning sites
MUSIC AND ART (14 sites)
Music education and sound - art history and pictures
PLAYTIME (9 sites)
The Looney Bin shows you how to take good notes in class and study for exams.
Many of the over 380 links provide additional links to other sites. By using this site you can eliminate the need to establish bookmarks or easily build a personal library of bookmarks.


10/05/97 to 10/09/97