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Teaching Chemistry Students Using Blackboard as a Platform for "e-education"


Thomas G. Chasteen
Department of Chemistry , Sam Houston State University


Tom Chasteen is back with a review of many of the techniques he and others havetried. Be sure to check out his links especially to some of the best animationsavailable for teaching Chemistry.‘


…In my experience this is a relatively common manner of adopting teaching tools:we choose the tools that we see can provide a benefit. We try lots, discard lots, andkeep some. I don't use overhead transparencies in my classes but find use forcomputer-based PowerPoint® and QuickTime® displayed via a laptop and aprojector. E-mail has proven to be something almost indispensable in my teaching...ahigh speed streaming video server has yet to prove its worth to me in my course work(and I'm the heaviest user of computer animations and video in my department).I rely heavily on Server-based forums (or discussion groups) in all but my freshmanand graduate courses, but so-called virtual chat rooms or wa place in my courses even though these are part of the Blackboard package. Finally,I use white chalk but find the texture and consistency of color chalk decidedlyunappealing and frankly hard to use, so I don't.

10/10/02 to 10/14/02