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DVD and WebDVD Technologies for Education


Gabriela C. Weaver
Purdue University
Department of Chemistry


Gabriela brings us up to speed on this very interesting area of interactive storage...' the unique playback features of DVD also make the medium stand out. DVD offers up to interleaved camera angles that can be viewed, up to 32 different subpicture tracks for graphic overlays that can be used for subtitles, captions, simple animations, special effects or other applications, up to 8 audio tracks, each capable of 5.1 surround sound, making access to multiple languages trivial, seamless non-linear access (or branching) allowing for a programmable “personalized” experience, perfect still frames that can be displayed indefinitely, and interactivity and navigation via menus.

We are currently trying to track down the content of this paper.

03/20/02 to 03/24/02