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A System for Delivering Web-based CoursesEmphasizing Automatic Assessment


David W. Brooks
Professor of Chemistry Education in the Center for Curriculum and Instruction
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Professor of Chemistry Education in the Center forCurriculum and Instruction at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Helen B. Brooks is sole proprietor of Synaps Chem Tools, a softwaredevelopment company in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Amjad Abuloum is Assistant Professor of Education, Hashemite University,Zarqa, Jordan.

Kent J. Crippen is Assistant Professor of Science Education andTechnology,University of  Nevada-Las Vegas.

John Markwell is Professor of Biochemistry in the Department of Biochemistryat the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

This software system was used to deliver 15 courses to inservice high schoolchemistry teachers. Over 500 graduate credits were earned during the period ofproject support, and delivery of the courses on a tuition-basis continues today.

Most of the course management was administered on-line, including studentregistration, course enrollment, delivery of all materials, and online testing. Theprincipal feature of the course was automatic testing, with assessment items deliveredin eight formats. Of these, seven were delivered for automatic assessment. The shortanswer item format included powerful worked out problem strategies such that, upon responding to a problem question, the student would see a worked solution to theproblem developed using his/her problem-specific information.

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10/01/03 to 10/04/03