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A Virtual Chemistry Lab


Roberto Ma. S. Gregorius
Pan American University
Edinburg, Texas


Note to CONFCHEM participants: The virtuaLab you are about to see is part of my effort to develop a General Chemistry I lab manual that includes concept tutorials, report–writing tutorials (both in Flash), videos of techniques, and a printed/electronic lab manual that is less spoon–feeding than the average manual. There is a minimum of things you ought to be aware of as you go into the virtuaLab: oval high–lights are indicative of a “click–able” item, direction high–lights (4 arrows) indicate that the item can be “click–hold and dragged”, and lastly, all items must first be dragged to the table top before it becomes useable in a virtual experiment. As for the rest, explore, enjoy, and let me know what you think.

We are currently trying to track down the contents of this paper.

03/05/03 to 03/09/03