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FrameMaker for Lab Manuals


Patty Feist
Lab Coordinator, Organic Chemistry Teaching Labs, CU Boulder.


Patty is back with a review of Adobe FrameMaker for large sized projects. The problems she relates with using large documents in the usual word processor strikes a cord with me and probably with most of us. Included are a number of suggestions that should make handling complex documents easier in any program.

"He showed me a few documents that he had prepared in Frame. Wow, his figures stayed where he wanted them. He had complete freedom in placement of text and figures. All of the figures were numbered, and he could refer to them by number and/or page in the text;
if he changed the order of the figures, the references to them changed correspondingly. I was impressed."

We are currently trying to track down the contents of this paper.

03/10/03 to 03/14/03