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Creation of an online stoichiometry course that melds scenario based leaning with virtual labs and problem-solving tutors


David Yaron, Jordi Cuadros, Mike Karabinos
Carnegie Mellon University)

05/26/06 to 05/28/06

This paper will discuss an online review course in stoichiometry aimed at students who are about to enter college chemistry and need a review of this important foundation material. The course uses the ChemCollective's virtual lab ( and the course delivery and problem solving tutor tools of Carnegie Mellon's Online Learning Initiative ( The course is set in the context of arsenic contamination in the groundwater of Bangladesh. This scenario highlights the utility of stoichiometry concepts in a real world problem and allows us to, as the course progresses, shift the theme to the challenges facing modern analytical chemistry. The course contains 15 modules ranging from the mole and molecular weight up through reaction stoichiometry, empirical formula and limiting reagents. Modules typically start with a video explaining the concepts followed by a few simple tutors that serve as interactive worked examples and then either a virtual lab or more extensive problem solving tutor. Our experiences with creating and evaluating this course will be discussed.


We are currently trying to locate the remainder of this paper.