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2017 Fall ConfChem: Mathematics in Undergraduate Chemistry Instruction

Chemistry is a quantitative science.  For college majors in the sciences and engineering, “general chemistry for science majors” is a required course that is expected to provide students with a foundation in solving scientific calculations: mathematics applied to measurements.  In recent years, many instructors have noted deficits in the background of growing numbers of students seeking to enroll in general chemistry.  In a 2012 survey of nations with highly developed economies, US 16 to 24 year olds had the lowest scores in “numeracy” among the 24 nations tested.


For this virtual conference, we seek submissions focused on how we can help students learn to solve calculations in courses that teach or prepare students for the quantitative component of general chemistry:

  • What experiments have instructors conducted to improve student success rates in solving scientific calculations?  What strategies would be recommended as a result?
  • What online or other resources have been found to be effective in assisting students who need additional preparation or review for the mathematics that is pre-requisite for general chemistry?
  • What topics in mathematics are most important in courses preparing students for general chemistry?  Which skills should be measured to determine placement in general versus preparatory chemistry sections?  What levels of proficiencies should be required before placement in general chemistry?
  • Which strategy has proven to be more effective for students when solving scientific calculations:  The application of critical thinking and reasoning skills or the application of memorized problem solving algorithms? 


Anyone interested in submitting a paper should contact Cary Kilner:  or  Eric Nelson:  EANelson@ChemReview.Net


Relevant Dates:

  • June 19, 2017:  Abstracts Due
  • September 18, 2017:  Papers Due
  • October 26, 2017:  Conference Begins