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LeaRning R in ChemistRy at Reed College


Danielle Cass, Department of Chemistry, Reed College, Reed, OR.
Chester Ismay, Data Camp,, New York, NY.


In 2015 general chemistry at Reed (CHEM 101/102) made the decision to switch from a spreadsheet data analysis system to using the RStudio platform to perform all data analysis and visualization.  At the time, the motivation was a frustration with spreadsheet data visualization and an instructional technologist who specialized in R.  Since then it has become clear that giving students skills in using R is also an integral part of their education.  An editorial in C&EN news recently said that the future of chemistry will include directly working and talking with machines (1).  The author goes on to say, “Unfortunately, few chemists can actually code, let alone program a robot or write an algorithm” (1). This paper describes what we have done and hope to do to give the students at Reed College an introduction to coding, data analysis, and the RStudio platform.

05/07/18 to 05/09/18