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  1. Interactive Visualization of Infrared Spectral Data: Synergy of Computation, Visualization and Experiment for Learning Spectroscopy

    Robert J. Lancashire
    University of the West Indies

    Paul M. Lahti
    University of Massachusetts

    11/18/99 to 11/20/99
  2. Development and Student Use of Web-Based Prelabs in Analytical Chemistry Courses

    Mark R. Anderson and Brian M. Tissue
    Department of Chemistry
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0212

    11/14/99 to 11/17/99
  3. Making Connections Between Spectroscopy and General Chemistry. A Series of Practical Exercises

    Walt Volland
    Bellevue Community College

    11/11/99 to 11/13/99
  4. Teaching NMR Using Online Textbooks

    Joseph P. Hornak
    Department of Chemistry, Rochester Institute of Technology
    Rochester, NY 14623-5603

    11/07/99 to 11/10/99
  5. 1999 Winter ConfChem
    10/31/99 to 11/22/99
  6. General Chemistry: Looking In from the Outside.

    Connie Murphy -
    Dow Chemical, Midland, MI

    10/04/99 to 10/08/99
  7. Decisions, Decisions

    Brian P. Coppola -
    Department of Chemistry, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1055

    09/27/99 to 10/10/99
  8. Creating a Scientifically Literate Citizenry: What are the Long-Term Lessons that Students Should Take Away From General Chemistry?

    Gabriela C. Weaver
    Chemistry Department
    University of Colorado at Denver
    Denver, CO 80217-3364

    09/20/99 to 09/22/99
  9. General Chemistry at UNAM : Providing Our Heterogeneous Student Body with a Launching Platform to Succesfully Pursue Chemistry Careers.

    Carlos Castro-Acuna, Ramiro Dominguez-Danache, Mercedes Llano-Lomas and Graciela Muller-Carrera -
    Universidad Nacional Autonomade de Mexico, 04510 D.F., Mexico

    09/13/99 to 09/21/99
  10. "On the Virtues of Industry-Based General Chemistry."

    John Kenkel -
    Southeast Community College, Lincoln, NE 68520

    09/07/99 to 09/21/99