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  1. Progress towards a holistic web: integrating open-source programs, semantic data, wikis and podcasts

    Henry Rzepa
    Imperial College London

    Marion Cass
    Carleton College

    05/10/06 to 05/11/06
  2. Are chemistry instructors and students ready for an Internet-based chemistry text?

    Mark Bishop
    Monterey Peninsula College

    05/05/06 to 05/09/06
  3. 2006 Spring ConfChem: Web-Based Applications for Chemical Education: Experiences and Visions
    05/05/06 to 06/20/06
  4. ACS Exams: Past, Present and Future

    Thomas Holme
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Director, ACS Examinations Institute

    10/22/06 to 10/24/06

    Claire Baker
    Brebeuf Preparatory School

    10/19/06 to 10/21/06
  6. A CHED Programming Home Companion

    Cathy Middlecamp
    CHED Program Chair, 2005-2007

    10/16/06 to 10/18/06
  7. Where do I go for help with teaching chemistry? Finding what you need at ACS

    Loretta L. Jones
    University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Chair, Division of Chemical Education

    Mary Kirchhoff
    Acting Director, Education Division of ACS

    10/13/06 to 10/15/06
  8. 2006 Fall ConfChem: The Division of Chemical Education: Ensuring the Future Through Education
    10/13/06 to 10/30/06
  9. Chemistry and the Environment: A General Education Course to Interest Unenthusiastic Students

    Alicia Wilson
    AKL Informatics
    1821 11th Avenue South #55503
    Birmingham, AL 35255

    02/02/04 to 02/03/04
  10. Teaching Non-Majors: The Art of Engagement

    Cathy Middlecamp
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Madison, WI

    01/29/04 to 01/30/04