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  1. 2017SpringCCCENL
    04/17/17 to 05/12/17
  2. Putting your own personal twist on a flipped organic classroom and selling the idea to students

    Ashleigh Prince

    11/17/16 to 11/19/16
  3. Assessment for Active Learning

    Pam Auburn

    11/13/16 to 11/15/16
  4. Changing Roles for Changing Times: Social Media and the Evolution of the Supplemental Instructor

    Emily Alden

    11/06/16 to 11/08/16
  5. Tracking student use of web-based resources for chemical education

    Robert Bodily and Steven Wood

    11/10/16 to 11/12/16
  6. Twentieth Anniversary of the OLCC

    Robert E. Belford, University of Arkansas Little Rock

    11/21/16 to 11/24/16
  7. Specifications Grading in the Flipped Organic Classroom

    Joshua Ring, Lenoir-Rhyne University

    11/03/16 to 11/05/16
  8. Radical awakenings. A new teaching paradigm using social media.

    Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh.

    10/30/16 to 11/01/16
  9. Fall 2016 ConfChem: Select 2016 BCCE Presentations
    10/30/16 to 11/22/16
  10. Sampling and Analysis of Organophosphorus Nerve Agents: Analytical Chemistry in International Chemical Disarmament

    Elena Fischer, Marc-Michael Blum, Wesam S. Alwan, Jonathan E. Forman*


    Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

    Johan de Wittlaan 32, 2517 JR The Hague, The Netherlands

    06/13/16 to 06/17/16