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  1. 2014 Fall Newsletter
    11/03/14 to 12/10/14
  2. 2014 BCCE Symposium on Flipping the Classroom
  3. Review of Photo Software

    Brian Pankuch
    Chemistry Department, Union County College
    Cranford, NJ 07016

    03/30/03 to 04/03/03
  4. Revolution -- A Rapid Development Tool

    David W. Brooks

    11/17/08 to 11/19/08
  5. What's New in Online Search for Chemists 2007

    Harry E. Pence
    SUNY Oneonta
    Oneonta, NY

    11/10/08 to 11/12/08
  6. Browsers and Burrowers

    Harry E. Pence
    SUNY Oneonta
    Oneonta, NY

    11/06/08 to 11/09/08
  7. An eBook in Flash to Support Inductive Learning

    Roberto Ma. Gregorius
    Associate Professor in the Department of Adolescence Education and Director of the Chemical Education
    Leader slip Program, Schooi of Education and Human Servi

    11/03/08 to 11/05/08
  8. Book Review- Mac OS X by David Pogue

    Review by Brian Pankuch

    11/13/08 to 11/16/08
  9. Just-in-Time Teaching in Chemistry Courses with Moodle

    Jennifer Muzyka, Centre College, Danville, KY

    05/30/14 to 06/05/14
  10. Improving Student Engagement in Organic Chemistry using the Inverted Classroom Model

    Robert D. Rossi, Gloucester County College

    05/30/14 to 06/05/14