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  1. Just-in-Time Teaching in Chemistry Courses with Moodle

    Jennifer Muzyka, Centre College, Danville, KY

    05/30/14 to 06/05/14
  2. Improving Student Engagement in Organic Chemistry using the Inverted Classroom Model

    Robert D. Rossi, Gloucester County College

    05/30/14 to 06/05/14
  3. Flipping a Class, the Learn by Doing Method

    Steven Slezak, California Polytechnic State University

    05/23/14 to 05/29/14
  4. Flipping at an Open-Enrollment College

    Kelly B. Butzler, Pennsylvania College of Technology

    05/23/14 to 05/29/14
  5. Using a Blog to Flip the Classroom

    January Haile, Centre College, Danville, KY

    05/16/14 to 05/22/14
  6. Reclaiming Face Time: How an Organic Chemistry Flipped Classroom Provided Access to Increased Guided Engagement

    Bridget G. Trogden, Mercer University; Macon, GA

    05/16/14 to 05/22/14
  7. Support for Experiments in Flipping: Timesaving Resources Aligned with Cognitive Science

    Dr. Judith Ann Hartman, United States Naval Academy
    Dr. Donald J. Dahm, Rowan University
    Eric Nelson, Fairfax County Public Schools (retired)

    05/09/14 to 05/15/14
  8. Student Engagement with Flipped Chemistry Lectures

    Michael K Seery, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland

    05/09/14 to 05/15/14
  9. 2014 Spring ConfChem: Flipped Classroom
    05/09/14 to 06/12/14
  10. Evaluating WWW Search Engines for Chemistry

    Harry E. Pence, Richard. Bachelder, Michael Branciforti, Susan Donadio, Brian John, Joo M Jung, Matthew Glidden, Melanie Krom, Kelly Modoo, and Todd Morris,
    SUNY Oneonta
    Oneonta, NV

    03/21/99 to 03/24/99