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CCCENLArticle2017 Newsletter Article 1, IONiC VIPEr: A community of inorganic chemists who create, share, adapt, comment on, and give back in order to improve student learning confchem167 months 2 weeks ago
CCCENLArticle2017 Newsletter Article3, Video Vignettes for Organic Chemistry: Morphing of assignments over three years confchem147 months 2 weeks ago
CCCENLArticle2017 Newsletter Article 2, Zika virus and drug discovery: a classroom-based bioinformatics research project and general method for repurposing existing drugs confchem97 months 3 weeks ago
ConfChemArticleSampling and Analysis of Organophosphorus Nerve Agents: Analytical Chemistry in International Chemical Disarmament confchem49 months 2 days ago
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