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  1. CCCE Members
  2. Addressing Math Deficits With Cognitive Science

    Eric A. Nelson

    11/15/17 to 11/23/17
  3. Applied Mathematics for Chemistry Majors

    Rachel Neville1, Amber T. Krummel2, Nancy E. Levinger2, Patrick D. Shipman3

    1 University of Arizona, Department of Mathematics, Tucson, Arizona, United States
    2 Colorado State University, Department of Chemistry, Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
    3 Colorado State University, Department of Mathematics, Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

    11/15/17 to 11/23/17
  4. The Chem-Math Project

    W. Cary Kilner

    11/08/17 to 11/16/17
  5. Building Student Confidence With Chemistry Computation

    Peter R. Craig

    11/08/17 to 11/16/17
  6. Strengthening Math Fluency through Calculator-Free Chemistry

    Doreen Geller Leopold

    11/01/17 to 11/09/17
  7. Impact of Quick Review of Math Concepts

    Jayashree S. Ranga

    11/01/17 to 11/09/17
  8. MUST-Know Pilot—Math Preparation Study from Texas

    Amy Petros1, Rebecca Weber1, Sue Broadway1, Robyn Ford1, Cynthia Powell2, Kirk Hunter3, Vickie Williamson4, Deborah Walker5, Blain Mamiya6, Joselyn Del Pilar7, G. Robert Shelton7 and Diana Mason1

    1University of North Texas, Department of Chemistry, Denton, TX
    2Abilene Christian University, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Abilene, TX
    3Texas State Technical College, Chemical Technology Department, Waco, TX
    4Texas A&M University, Department of Chemistry, College Station, TX
    5The University of Texas at Austin, Department of Chemistry, Austin, TX
    6Texas State University, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, San Marcos, TX
    7Texas A&M University-San Antonio, Department of Science and Mathematics, San Antonio, TX
    1Retired, University of North Texas, Department of Chemistry, Denton, TX

    10/26/17 to 11/01/17
  9. Estimation – An Empowering Skill for Students

    Lynn S. Penn, Department of Chemistry, Drexel University

    10/26/17 to 11/01/17
  10. Come Join the Party! Recent Progress of The Community Based LibreTexts (née ChemWiki) Project

    Delmar S. Larsen, University of California, Davis 

    Ronald Rusay, Diablo Valley College

    Robert Belford, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

    Dietmar Kennepohl, Athabasca University

    Dianne Bennett, Sacramento City College

    Allison Soult, University of Kentucky

    Brett McCollum, Mount Royal University

    Samuel Keasler, Valley City State University

    Joshua Halpern, Howard University 

    Tim Soderberg, University of Minnesota, Morris

    Kristie Kosti, University of California, Davis

    William R. Stockwell, Howard University

    Kathryn Haas, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame

    Layne A. Morsch, University of Illinois, Springfield

    05/04/17 to 05/10/17